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We are and can  provide beautiful hosts/hostesses for your event or venue.

Hosts / hostesses can be used in a variety of ways; meeting and greeting on the entrance of your venue, serving champagne and canapés, serving shots through ice sculptures, or getting the party started by encouraging your guests onto the dance floor.

Our hosts / hostesses can be costumed to suit your event, whether it be the popular “Collar and Cuff”, body painted, on roller skates in and around your venue, bunny girls, or for those events that require something a little more cheeky, our hosts can serve wearing only a small apron.

We also have beautiful Las Vegas Style feather hosts/hostesses with various styles and colours of the highest quality, beautifully made feather costumes, available also to perform Las Vegas style routines at a small extra fee to give your event extra fabulosity and sparkle.

Our hosts / hostesses are highly experienced, professional, and intelligent, have charming, approachable personalities and endeavour to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Our host/hostesses are the perfect solution, and key to a successful night.

“Thank you, thank you thank you! Your hosts were the extra something my event needed. Beautiful bodies, helpful, and courteous to the end. I’ve passed on your details to my clients and friends.”

John Redman

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