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068-stage-df-lightsAt Elite Entertainments we have over 200 professional wedding and corporate DJ’s working with us.

We have Mobile discos available all over the UK.

We have a rating system, which we operate to give you a guide on the quality of a particular DJ and his equipment.

Our lowest calibre mobile disco is a ‘Bronze Roadshow’. There are many other Dj’s available in the lower categories, but we will not use them.

The categories are:

‘Bronze Roadshow’ – at least three years experience as a professional/semi-professional DJ. This will have included performing at a selection of different events. His/her CD collection will be of a good standard. Lighting will be basic and the sound system will be reasonably good, but will not be suitable for medium to large size events.

‘Silver Roadshow’ – At least five years experience as a professional/semi-professional DJ. Performing for this length of time, the DJ will have experience at most, if not all types of event and will have repeated them many times over. The sound and lighting systems will be of a high standard and suitable for small to medium size venues. His/her CD collection will be better that that of a Bronze roadshow.

‘Gold Roadshow’ – DJ’s in this category will have had a minimum of ten years experience, covering all fields of DJ’ing. The light show will be of a high standard and will include ‘intelligent lighting effects. The sound system will be of a very high professional standard and suitable for most sizes of venue or upgradeable for very large events. The CD collection will be very comprehensive and of a very high standard.

‘Platinum Roadshow’ – Otherwise known as the mobile nightclub. This is the very top of the range. This is a comprehensive ‘high-Tec’ lightshow with a top quality professional sound system. The CD collection will be of a very high standard. The DJ will have worked for a minimum of ten years as a professional/semi-professional DJ, quite often with nightclub experience as well as all other types of venue and events.

This roadshow is ideal for large function rooms / marquees. On some occasions we will put two gold road show dj’s together on this show.

Video Disco Roadshow” – This is new for this year. It is a mixture of the gold & platinum roadshows including a large overhead projector screen or up to four LCD / plasma screens (this depends upon which package is chosen and size of the venue), which will be showing music videos incorporating a very good light show.

Our most popular package VIDEO DJ with full light show and large screen for music videos the will roam your event taking pictures and present them as a constantly updated slideshow on our giant 8ft x 6ft fast-fold screen, the perfect backdrop to your mobile disco or special event! Images will be burnt to a cd rom for you to keep. Includes delivery, set up and pack down when required. Movies can also be displayed if required, you will also have a cd of all photos taken on your event. 7-12pm £380 ./ 7pm-1am £400

Karaoke & DJ -
Karaoke Road Shows Whatever the occasion, why not go one step further and book one of our top karaoke road shows? Karaoke is a great way to entertainment your guests and create a great atmosphere as well as having a good laugh with your friends.

Check out our Wedding Packages .…more info

What’s Included

A Presenter
A professional karaoke player
2 speakers with stands
A professional Amplifier
TV monitor
1 or 2 microphones
Large selection of classic and up to date Karaoke tracks
Listings of tracks
We can also offer the above with the addition of a lighting rig
Every few weeks we will be featuring various DJ’s in which you the client will be able to click on individual thumbnail pictures below to view the featured DJ’s we represent……

Have you heard the horror stories about the DJ that arrived to the party late? Talked too much? And didn’t even play a special request? It seems that we hear endless stories of these occurrences. At Elite Entertainments all are disc jockeys are highly experienced professionals who know how to work with our clients to create that special evening.

Booking your audio video discos though Elite Entertainments will give you peace of mind that you have booked a high 036-moving-lights-package-2quality service. We spend a great deal of time working to understand the musical tastes of yourself and your guests. You will have close discussions with your senior DJ in advance of your event It is our opinion that DJs at private functions should not chat or make jokes as a radio DJ would nor should they try and organise party games or group dancing. We believe that good music will do the job without any Interference. We have invested a great deal of thought and time in selecting our professionals all the Djs sound systems are of a high standard our lighting rigs are state of the art computer controlled systems. We use ‘Intelligent’ computer controlled moving lights to create the full ‘night-club’ effect (expensive but very impressive) to complement more traditional effects such as stage flood lighting, strobe, ultra violet light etc. We have smoke and haze machines to add more atmosphere to your event and get the best out of the lighting systems. We use theatre style and quality trussing and stands to get the lights up high to maximise their effects.conffetii-canon
All our equipment is safety tested and PAT certified, which means it is very unlikely to fail during your event our extensive music library is fully indexed and catalogued onto laptop computers, enabling us to search and locate tracks by name, artist or style within a matter of seconds. We use predominately Vinyl and CD but have the facility to play mini-disc as well. Our music catalogue includes original singles from the 50s up to the latest pop and dance tracks so we are likely to have what you want.

By booking your audio video discos Manchester or any other town or city though Elite Entertainments we endeavour to provide reassurance reliability and professionalism, we also operate a back up service so in the unlikely event your dj was unable to attend premire disco set upwe would seek a replacement. We are fully insured against public liability giving you the reassurance that should, heaven forbid something catastrophic happen, you will not be left to foot the bill.

You have a big input in regards to the music choice, we will ask for your ideas and tastes in music and will be required to fill In a Disco information form. An audio video disco will normally run from 7pm until 1am.

“Upgrade your disco Projection Screens for interactive music dvd videos projected onto large screen, also immediate photographic pictures of you guests projected onto large screens…..”from £380

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London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Southampton, Bournemouth, Oxford, Norwich, Ipswich, Coventry, Derby, Midlands, Wolverhampton, Hertford, Windsor, Scotland, Wales, Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Suffolk, Northampton, Leicester, Nottingham, Devon, Bristol.