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small-asaIn January 2008 Asa made his debut at London’s famous jazz club Ronnie Scotts, once again it was a major success with Asa receiving a standing ovation and great reviews from the attending Press including this quote from the Times ” Asa Really is Britain’s answer to Michael Buble

Asa was born in Liverpool and is one of seven children six
boys and one girl, as a child Asa always had a love for music and Peter his father bought him his first guitar when he was 10 years old, as a teenager Asa sang with his friends in a local band at weddings and family gatherings but never imagined it could be a serious career, his life long friend Kenny Harrison always encouraged Asa to write and perform , and in 2002 he performed at a friends dinner dance the set consisted of half an hour of swing music from Bobby Darin , Sinatra, Tony Bennett, it was such a success that Asa thought he might have a future as a professional singer. At the time Asa was working as a care worker looking after people with different health issues, although he liked his job and had a great relationship with the people and families he cared for he still dreamed of singing for a living. Asa’s wife Kelly encouraged him to make a demo CD and she took it to work in a hairdressers in Liverpool , a local restaurant manager was having his hair cut and asked who the singer was on the CD that was playing, this led to Asa’s first ever paid show at La Barbacoa 6 of July 2002, after that things really went very quickly , Asa was booked by a Tony West Entertainments and began to build a reputation as a lively exiting act, over the next few years Asa worked at pubs, clubs working his way up to corperate events then cruises working for P&O , Fred Olsen cruises, Saga cruises, Royal Carribian and last but not least the QE2! learning his trade as every good act should do!

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All The Swing classics from Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Dean Martin to the modern day Michael Bubble one of Liverpool’s most sought after swing artistes

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