Oliver Mac Sheen


 Born into a musical family, Oliver starts playing clarinet aged nine in his school’s concert band, touring France and Belgium to much acclaim. Coming to the piano relatively late (aged 13) he soon forms groups with other young musicians playing classic swing tracks and pop numbers of the day. As a soloist, gigs in local restaurants and hotels help to supplement his pocket money (“washing cars always seems too much like hard work!”).
In 1982 he enters “Best Young Pop Pianist” competition, achieving 3rd place at Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall, a feat made all the more impressive when one considers he had only been playing for two years.


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In 1984 Oliver joins local group “National Pastime” (on bass and vocals) and supports “Kajagoogoo” on their 1984 “Islands Tour”. National Pastime also enjoys success abroad scoring a top twenty hit (10,000 record sales) in Japan as well as successful tours of Japan and Germany. Apparently you can still get the records on eBay! By 1986 musical differences split the band and Oliver returns to what he does best -singing and playing the piano.
By 1995 Oliver reputation is such that he secures coveted residency at London’s Ritz Hotel. It is here he hones his craft to near perfection and entertains a whole host of Royalty, stars and celebrities including:

The Queen & Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Charles & Camilla

Brian May

Rod Stewart

Neil Sedaka

Andrew Lloyd Webber

John Cleese

Sean Connery


Cliff Richard

Tony & Cherie Blair

…to name but a few!

 …to name but a few!
Since leaving the Ritz in 2002, Oliver’s reputation has continued to grow performing at events, weddings, parties and awards ceremonies at venues such as The Savoy, The Dorchester, the Royal Lancaster, Brocket Hall and Claridges to critical acclaim.
He continues to astound audiences with his feather-like touch and soulful voice which have become a trademark of his art. Oliver has one simple rule – if it’s a good tune, he’ll play it. In one event he can cover Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Wonder, Joel, Manilow, The Beatles, Elvis…the list goes on. Make no mistake, however, there’s no room for passengers in Oliver’s repertoire. Every tune is a winner.
Now residing in Hampshire Oliver’s engagements take him to all parts of the country where he entertains, astounds and spreads joy and happiness in equal measures.


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