Jaguar XF

jaguar-xf-1The new XF: a dramatic expression of a bold new Jaguar design language, with a driving experience that exceeds expectations created by the striking appearance: relaxed and confident, The four-door XF has the visual excitement of a coupe, but room inside for five adults to enjoy an interior wholly contemporary in style yet uniquely Jaguar.As well as space, the new XF’s interior ambiance is enriched by crafted, luxurious materials, sophisticated instruments and calm interior mood lighting.


Ultimate  Black with Chrome


Cream Leather with cream carpets

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1 hour hire – Sufficient to take form wedding reception in evening to hotel or final destination.

2 hour hire – Sufficient to pick up from home and taker to church then from church to reception.

2 hour hire- Pick up from home and take to church then from church to reception after wedding evening reception we will pick you up and travel in style to you hotel or final destination.

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